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Bohemia refers to the western half of the Czech Republic. The famous city of Prague is located here. But, Bohemia has much more to offer the curious traveller. Besides being famous for its world class beer, Bohemia has many well preserved towns and castles from the era of kings, queens, emperors, and other nobility. There is no shortage of natural beauty, particularly in the forests of South Bohemia and along the Vltava River. (see image gallery)

Moravia refers to the little known eastern half of the Czech Republic. More rural and traditional in character than its western counterpart, Bohemia (where the famous city of Prague lies), Moravia is rich with cultural and natural history. Don't be surprised if you bump into local towns-people dressed up in their traditional regalia for some singing, dancing and parading. If you do miss a folk festival, you can still enjoy other Moravian specialties. In addition to its local wine industry which produces excellent wine, those seeking the stronger taste of spirits might wish to imbibe in some local plum brandy (slivovice). Nazdravi! (Cheers!) (see image gallery)