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Meander among 140 mostly uninhabited islands, islets and reefs, spread over a 300 square km area, having a total land mass of 69 square km. These islands are noted for their varied unusual land forms and spectacular relief structure.

Some islands you won’t want to miss:

Dugi Otok: its coast offers a Croatian version of the Cliffs of Dover, with white limestone precipices, and an inland salt lake.

Kornati Island: home to a 12th century Catholic Church, with 6th century ruins behind it. You might want to consider a hike to Metlina, 725 feet up through the perfumed wild sage. Here there are no cars, stores, or electricity. Converted fisherman’s homes are just beginning to offer basic accommodations. (If you’re with us, you’ve got the boat!!!)

Near the National Park lies Telasaeica Natural Park, a protected area of Croatia which includes a spacious and deep bay.

Come explore the islands!!!