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The Makarska Riviera stretches for 60 km, between Split and Dubrovnik. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Croatian coast.

Besides the beaches, the highlight of the Riviera is Biokovo National Park. Biokovo consists of a mountain range whose steep, bare limestone walls dive steeply into the sea, though not before supporting a narrow green belt of vegetation between itself and the sea. Two prominent mountains in this range are Sveti Ilija (1640 m) and Sibenik (1314 m). Others include Vrsac (1411 m) and Sinjal (1333 m). A few trails exist within the limestone for hikers and animals. Mountain biking, climbing, hiking and water sports opportunities are also available. Nearby is Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotisina, a horticultural monument aimed at nature conservation.

The stone-cobbled streets of Podgora, a fishing village of 1500 inhabitants, are picturesquely tucked in to a natural harbor at the bottom of Mt. Biokovo. Secluded beaches and rugged rocks jutting in to the sea can be found close by. The landscape in this green belt is one of olive trees, pinewoods, pebbly beaches and cozy bays.

Busier than Podgora is Makarska with a population of 12,000. Once a Roman settlement lying on the very edge of the Roman Empire, Makarska is now home to an ancient Franciscan Monastery. Its present day appearance was achieved in 1614. The basement of the monastery is home to a museum, reported to have the world’s largest collection of snails, shells and mussels in the world. On the main square of the town is the church of St. Mark, built in 1776.

For island hoppers, the well known islands of Hvar , Korcula, and Brac are also nearby.