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- 5,835 km of coast line along the Adriatic Sea (an eastern arm of the Mediterranean)
- 4,058 km of island, islet and reef coastline
- 1,185 islands, islets and reefs
- 67 inhabited islands

Coastal Croatia:
- Mediterranean cuisine, climate and custom

Our Philosophy:
With few exceptions, the coast, the sea and the islands are the number one attraction in Croatia. So, when it comes to accommodation, why pay for land-based high priced hotels or basic pensions when an affordable alternative exists that is both luxurious, adventurous, and well adapted to the environment? And, when it comes to transportation, why spend your days traveling overland by car, or bus, from point to point, packing and unpacking when the whole point of being here is to experience the sea and island culture? (see image gallery)

At Romantic Czech Tours, we believe traveling and living on a sailboat, cruising along the coast and among the islands, islets and reefs, is the authentic way to see the beauty of Croatia. By opting to sail with us, you are choosing to experience fully the unique Croatian culture of coast, island and sea, in the comfort of your mobile hotel. In fact, with over 47 marinas and 13,000 berths, Croatia’s sailing infrastructure is much more progressive and stable than the inland infrastructure for tourists.

No sailing experience is necessary to sail with us. We supply the English-speaking crew and the guide. Then, it is up to you to decide if you will lounge on the deck, assist with the sailing, or enjoy some wine in the cabin.

Why sail? Because I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference - Henry David Thoreau