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SLOVENIA - Biking Tours   (map)

Alpine to Adriatic, Cycle the Empire Roads
Vienna-Venice mainly through Slovenia with visits to Hungary and Italy.

14 days
fully guided only
Rating: moderate to challenging 40-55 km per day

Experience a lesser known Austria when you cycle along the Neusidler Lake. Enter Hungary where the food rivals French cuisine. Spend the night in a castle formerly owned and occupied by the crusading Knights of the Temple - of course the castle has been renovated. Return to the South Styrian roads of Austria. From these high rolling hills full of vineyards, enjoy the view south towards the Drava River valley, your next destinations. Cycle up Jezerski Vrch, the pass that takes you in to Slovenia. You will find yourself at the resort of Lake Bled, after cycling along the river. Continue cycling in to the heart of the alpine scenery that surrounds you, to Lake Bohinj which is less populated and more truly Slovenian in its hospitality and character. Prepare yourself for more challenging mountain pass, the Vrsic, which will drop you in to the Trenta valley and on to the town of Bovec. Give your cycling legs a rest here and try some river sports on the Soca River, perhaps canyoning or rafting? A truly challenging day arrives when you cycle to Mangart Col, having a 4,000 ft elevation gain among the alpine scenery. You will think you are in Switzerland but you will wonder where the tourists are, and why the beer is so cheap once you arrive at the hut that sits just below the col. Enjoy your desent....

Look forward to easier days cycling along the Soca River to Kobarid and Tolmin. The alpine gets left behind when we cycle to the limestone karst area and tour the UNESCO protected Skocjan Caves. Your last stop in Slovenia is in Piran, on the warm coast of the Adriatic. You will think you are on the Mediterranean, but you will wonder where the tourists are, and why the wine is so cheap.... Enjoy a fish picnic while cruising on the sea, then say farewell to Slovenia when you board the ferry that takes you directly to Venice in Italy.