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SLOVENIA - Walking-Hiking Tours   (map)

Sky to Sea

10-14 days
Rating: moderate to difficult, 4-6 miles/day hills and some rugged terrain.

Our alpine highlights include hiking to mountain vistas in the Savinj Alps and in Triglav National Park. These are not small mountains; they form the most eastern part of "The" Alps of Swiss and Austrian fame. Hiking opportunities are endless and vary from easy to extremely challenging, even scary ! We will select a grade appropriate for your group. Experience Slovenia's alpine culture by spending a few nights in an elegant manor house that has been in the same family for a multitude of generations. You can lend a hand with making cheese , or spinning wool. From your manor accomodations in the valley, hike up to our rustic alpine hut. Here you will gain the views familiar to the Slovene alpinists when you gaze the rockwalls soaring above your heads. Yes, alpinists climb them ... as for us, we are content to enjoy our tasty goulash at the hut and to roam the mountain meadows. Later, visit the famous resort of Lake Bled. We spend time at the smaller but more intimate Lake Bohinj, and continue our hiking adventures.

As beautiful as the mountains towering over your head, the Trenta valley reveals its beauty to us when we depart the eastern summits and valleys and arrive at the mighty Vrsic Pass. The Trenta valley spreading below us is dominated by the Soca river, whose changing colour and character will make you spell bound. We descend from the pass into a new climatic zone combining an alpine climate with the warmth of the Adriatic Sea. Paragliding, kayaking and canyoning in spectalular surroundings makes this a sports enthusiasts paradise.

We balance our alpine adventures with visits to several select Slovenian towns. There is Kropa, nestled in a steep narrow valley and boasting an ancient history of metal craftsmanship. In fact, the ancient city of Venice was built with nails produced in Kropa's forges. Today, Kropa's metal works have more appeal to the artisan. Kobarid is another special town. Its award winning museum depicts the area's haunting history of war, a history described in literary form in Hemingway's novel "Farewell to Arms". Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, offers shopping at high end boutiques. Then again, you can relax at the cafes situated along the canal. Excellent bookstores abound in this university city and you are certain to find something in the language of your choice which celebrates the beauty of this land.

A trip to Skocjan caves adds to the diverse flavour of your itinerary, as does the trip finale. After cruising coastal villages on the Adriatic coast you will enjoy farewell dinner in the charming centre of Piran. Next day you are off to Venice, Italy on the ferry. Bon Voyage!