Tomas Minarik

REI Top Guide Award

My name is Tomas Minarik, I was born in 1971 in Czechoslovakia experiencing the end of the Communist regime and becoming one of the many students who participate in the revolution, later named The Velvet revolution, which ended the Communist time within Czechoslovakia. The freedom time led to the peaceful splitting of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovak republic and into an opportunity for me to travel, learn English and work in the USA.

My original occupation and training were in finish carpentry. I become a master carpenter and master builder. While I spend about 15 years in the USA, mainly in WA, Seattle, I was already participating in building up our family-owned travel company Romantic Czech Tours.

I work as a guide for the first time as a person, who was responsible for setting up, organizing, and running sportfishing and sightseeing trips in Alaska and British Columbia for Czech fishermen for several summers. I did work as a guide for the Czech citizens visiting some of the National Parks in the USA as well.

Later I move out to the Czech Republic where I live with my wife and 3 children and become working full time as a guide and tour operator as an owner of the Romantic Czech Tour.

In the past, I guided trips not just in the Czech Republic but as well in the Slovak Republic, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia including the position as a captain and chef of a 55Ft sailboat.

My hobby besides traveling is building wooden boats – canoes and kayaks, horses, running, kayaking, hiking, cooking, and spending time with my family.

Speaking and sharing cultural experiences, stories, and legends with travelers is my passion and challenge which I love.