Dear Tomas, Thank you for sharing your care, concern, and passion for your lovely country. We enjoyed the vine, the history, and your beliving in the future for your country. The food was varied and memorable. I love the vine, Steve will never stop eating carp. We share your hope for peace and war never again. Peace and Love.

Tomas, Thank you for a great trip! You are a very good guide. I appreciate all the work you put into the trip. The hotels and restaurants were very good. And your knowledge of history with your presentation was outstanding. Thank you!

Tomas – it has been a pleasure to have you guide me thru Moravia and Bohemia. The experience has been truly a life-changing experience your knowledge of the region really enhanced the hiking/eating. Hope to return soon and Best wishes to you and your family.

Dear Tomas,  We have enjoyed our REI tour with you. The days have been well organized. You are clear about plans and expectations. We have learned a lot from your descriptions of the areas and discussions about the people and history of your country. You have been respectful and kind. we have enjoyed your sense of humor. Thank you for a great trip.

Tomas – Thank you so much for sharing your country with us on this trip. I´ve never really hiked before and you made us all feel so welcome. It was such a wonderful experience, thank you for making it so memorable. All the best.

Tomas, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done guiding this trip. You have exceeded all expectations! Starting with excelent directions and expert decisions about where to go and what to see – but also wonderful company and conversations and your wiling-ness to answer questions about anything and everithing! I will remember this trip for many reasons and you are the big one.

Tomas, Thank you for being our “Top Guide” you took such good care of us, taught us a lot, and made our trip a lot of fun!

Thank you, Tomas! You are a fantastic tour guide and a really understanding person. Our trip would not have been the same without you. Cheers to your many more adventures.

Tomas – Thank you for providing a safe and wonderful biking trip. You have provided us with some memories that will last a lifetime!